Unleash your potential

  • Boost your worth and self-esteem
  • Rediscover your potential
  • Find your true value
  • Be your authentic self
  • Translate it to others

You have an immense power over the course of your life and you are able to change and to transform your destiny! Counselling and coaching is capable of unleashing the potential of people by giving them access to their own healing power and to their inner resources. As a counsellor and a life coach I will help you find those tools within you and enable you to use them whenever you feel an urge for change. I’ll accompany you on the path of discovering your authentic self and creating a balanced and meaningful life

Process of Coaching

Life coaching can help you distance yourself from the issue/problem/situation and see it with clarity and objectivity. Life coach formulates questions that lead to answers that are right for you, and you are the only one who knows the answers. Counsellor/coach does not offer recipes or formulas, but softly guides you to your own realisations and insights. Coach serves as a mirror of your inner world, in which you can see your true self.

Your transformation

Once you get in touch with your true authentic self the process of transformation starts. You become aware of your strength, learn about your coping mechanisms that help you deal with any challenge, problem or situation you may face in the future. You become the source of your own healing process. You realise that you are capable, you are powerful, you are worthy! You own your reactions, your choices, your decisions and your life!


Irina has helped me to rediscover my self-confidence both as a woman and as a professional. I was feeling low because of the personal problems and had no motivation to finish my studies. My life seemed dull and uneventful, it seemed I have shut myself from giving and receiving love. But with Irina’s assistance I … Continue reading Maria, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Maria, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Irina helped me very much to achieve my goals and to answer the questions I always had in mind about my future. She is a good listener, she pays attention to each and every detail, then she plays the role of a mirror. She has an awesome talent, which is, finding the correct words to … Continue reading Joelle, Almere, Netherlands

Joelle, Almere, Netherlands

I only needed 3 sessions with Irina to regain my confidence as a mother and reinstate my sense of direction during my son’s transition from kid to teenager. Irina is a great coach – she listened, asked important questions and facilitated ideas for change and resolution! That’s what all moms & dads need every now … Continue reading Nataly, Chisinau, Moldova

Nataly, Chisinau, Moldova