Being outside of the Netherlands, it was very difficult for me to find work in Amsterdam. Looking for a solution, I came across Irina’s page on Facebook, read the reviews and turned to her for assistance. Thanks to her professional approach, we have worked on and improved my resume and cover letter. We managed in just two sessions. As a result, during my 2 weeks stay in Amsterdam, I was invited to job interviews by two companies. And before that I did not receive a single positive response. Irina managed to show me how my CV and cover letter could be improved in a way that I could not see myself. Having analyzed all the possibilities with the help of Irina, I see that my happiness is just around the corner. I’m m glad I had a chance to meet and work with such a talented person as Irina! 

Liudmila, Ankara, Turkey

Recently I moved to a new country and not knowing the reality and culture, I didn’t know where to start. All the efforts finding a place in the new world seemed to be useless and meaningless. Irina was a great help. She offered an online professional consultation which changed the situation dramatically. I understood I have to start with myself, learn more about my aspirations, who I am and what I really want, and then plan steps to achieve my goals. I recommend Irina without any hesitation

Liudmila, Maryland, USA

I used Irina’s services to build the CV and write the cover letter. She helped me view my carreer to date from the achievements point of view rather than traditional job description & duties approach. That was very helpful. While we worked she used her coaching skills to help me see how much I have actually achieved. Thanks to Irina Im now more professionally confident.

Olga, Naas, Ireland

I would highly recommend Irina’s services to those who are looking to improve the quality of their lives through the things they can control – attitudes and perceptions. Through her professionalism, her kind approach and her excellent questionning technique, Irina helped me uncover and gain more confidence in my worth as an individual, which is of utmost importance for quality living, be it personal or professional. Through her sessions, I understood the value of life coaching and I believe most people can benefit from it.

Larisa, Cyprus

I can highly recommend Irina as a life coach to those who need a boost of self-confidence or need help in the process of professional development. During our sessions I’ve got a vital push from Irina towards my inner growth while she accompanied me in a very delicate, patient and professional way. Using tools and exercises offered by Irina I was able to answer to myself what I really want and which of my abilities I can use to reach my personal goals. I saw from a different perspective the way I can apply my skills and capacities on a foreign labour market. And I definitely found my way to self-confidence due to our work with Irina. Last but not least, even though Irina mostly works with expats in the Netherlands, she is also very efficient for the realities of other countries, such as Italy, where I currently reside.

Alina, Rome, Italy

I am very happy with the result of the sessions, dedicated to improving my CV. Irina has helped me find my inner motivation and effectively reflect it in my resume. I was pleasantly surprised with her level of business English. Irina is always available for a quick reply or advice. I recommend to take a package of several sessions with Irina.

Natalli, Roosendaal, the Netherlands

Irina has come into my life exactly when I needed it most. After several sessions I felt I knew myself much better. Irina is very good at listening and asking the right questions. With her help I have found answers, which I was avoiding for so long. I have finally discovered my balance. Irina is very kind, delicate and empathetic. I highly recommend sessions with Irina if you feel lost on the way to a happy and balanced life.

Anastasia, Almere, Netherlands

Irina has gifted me a date with my true authentic self. Thanks to her professionalism, empathy, kindness and opnenness I have managed to get rid of all that outer noise, in order to hear and understand myself. I felt super comfortable during our sessions, even though we have touched very sensitive and painful issues. It was comfortable because I was able to find the answers to my questions and felt supported. The answers I have found, were already there in my inner bring for a long time, but I was not able to name them out loud due to various prejudices and conditioning. After our sessions I I took a very difficult, painful, and yet, such an important step to have an open conversation, after which I felt so relived and liberated! I witnessed true miracles happening afterwards! My family started reuniting! We all have felt as one united organism, that can live in harmony! Now I don’t only know what limitless happiness and unconditional love is, but I also feel it. I can’t believe it’s happening to me! Thank you, Irina!

Olga, Chisinau, Moldova

It was such an amazing and fantastic experience to meet and learn so much from Irina. Irina has been a huge motivation for me. I took some important decisions because of her positive attitude and positiver vibes. Her coaching had a life changing effect on me. Coaching process gave me more structure, helped me understand my needs and see clearly my priorities. I became more aware and sensitive as a mother, learnt to read the signals of my children and anticipate their needs to avoid melt downs. I am very thankful for that.

Sana, Almere, Netherlands

When I started my sessions with Irina I was confused and living in a middle of a turmoil. During my very first session, her gentle, lively spirit and confident attitude quickly convinced me to trust and open up, to do what she suggested me to do, learn to help myself. Her amazing gift of insight quickly earned my trust and confidence. She journeyed with me through many areas of my life. She helped smooth out what needed smoothing, but mostly taught me to celebrate who I am, who we all are, and to be grateful. She firmly but playfully held me to the commitments I had to take. And her compassionate and empathetic abilities have made me feel fully understood and not alone. Because all that I heartily recommend her services, and thank her for all what she has done for me.

Simone, Wageningen, Netherlands