Irina has gifted me a date with my true authentic self. Thanks to her professionalism, empathy, kindness and opnenness I have managed to get rid of all that outer noise, in order to hear and understand myself. I felt super comfortable during our sessions, even though we have touched very sensitive and painful issues. It was comfortable because I was able to find the answers to my questions and felt supported. The answers I have found, were already there in my inner bring for a long time, but I was not able to name them out loud due to various prejudices and conditioning. After our sessions I I took a very difficult, painful, and yet, such an important step to have an open conversation, after which I felt so relived and liberated! I witnessed true miracles happening afterwards! My family started reuniting! We all have felt as one united organism, that can live in harmony! Now I don’t only know what limitless happiness and unconditional love is, but I also feel it. I can’t believe it’s happening to me! Thank you, Irina!

Olga, Chisinau, Moldova

It was such an amazing and fantastic experience to meet and learn so much from Irina. Irina has been a huge motivation for me. I took some important decisions because of her positive attitude and positiver vibes. Her coaching had a life changing effect on me. Coaching process gave me more structure, helped me understand my needs and see clearly my priorities. I became more aware and sensitive as a mother, learnt to read the signals of my children and anticipate their needs to avoid melt downs. I am very thankful for that.

Sana, Almere, Netherlands

When I started my sessions with Irina I was confused and living in a middle of a turmoil. During my very first session, her gentle, lively spirit and confident attitude quickly convinced me to trust and open up, to do what she suggested me to do, learn to help myself. Her amazing gift of insight quickly earned my trust and confidence. She journeyed with me through many areas of my life. She helped smooth out what needed smoothing, but mostly taught me to celebrate who I am, who we all are, and to be grateful. She firmly but playfully held me to the commitments I had to take. And her compassionate and empathetic abilities have made me feel fully understood and not alone. Because all that I heartily recommend her services, and thank her for all what she has done for me.

Simone, Wageningen, Netherlands

I only needed 3 sessions with Irina to regain my confidence as a mother and reinstate my sense of direction during my son’s transition from kid to teenager. Irina is a great coach – she listened, asked important questions and facilitated ideas for change and resolution! That’s what all moms & dads need every now and then so I highly recommend Irina for any parent/kid coaching and family help!

Nataly, Chisinau, Moldova

Irina helped me very much to achieve my goals and to answer the questions I always had in mind about my future. She is a good listener, she pays attention to each and every detail, then she plays the role of a mirror. She has an awesome talent, which is, finding the correct words to describe my feelings or my situation and once I listen back to her I am able to understand myself better. Irina is also able to dig inside my life line and to extract values and strength that I was not aware about.

She taught me away of thinking which helps to answer the questions I had in mind.

Her values in life make her a big asset in the counselling world.

Joelle, Almere, Netherlands

Irina has helped me to rediscover my self-confidence both as a woman and as a professional. I was feeling low because of the personal problems and had no motivation to finish my studies. My life seemed dull and uneventful, it seemed I have shut myself from giving and receiving love. But with Irina’s assistance I have not only found forces within myself to finish my studies with excellence, but also I have rediscovered myself as a woman and as a mother. I even met with my ex partner, had an open conversation with him. But most importantly, I let him and the whole situation go in order to start a new page in my life and be open for a new relationship.

Maria, Almaty, Kazakhstan