For almost a year I was looking for job in the Netherlands. Then I met Irina and decided to work with her as a career coach. For me, the most valuable result of the sessions with Irina was the decision to narrow down the job search corridor, focusing on areas where my level of expertise was high enough and where I had a competitive advantage, compared to other candidates. To be honest, this was a difficult decision. It seemed that by reducing the range of vacancies, I risk running into a complete lack of results. However, having worked out the search strategy together with Irina, guided by her valuable advice on improving the cover letter, and assisted to prepare for the job interview, I received an offer from the employer in an area that is both interesting and promising for me. Irina is not only able to help the client discover her strengths, but also to inspire and unlock her inner potential. I recommend Irina as an effective career coach who can assist the client reaching her goal in a pleasant and friendly manner.

― Katerina, Utrecht, Netherlands