Pandemic has forced me to reevaluate the way I interact with my network and I’ve engaged Irina’s services to expand my understanding of the personal brand. Not only has Irina broadened my vision of the personal brand in general and my own brand in particular, thanks to her I’ve evolved to the next level of interaction with my audience. This new type of engagement has increased the scope of my network 3 times (at least), improved the quality of my professional contacts, dramatically improved my interaction and influence across the network and supplied me with tools to navigate in this new network environment with ease and confidence. I’m endlessly grateful to this experience and to the incredible results I’ve derived from working with Irina. Would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their interaction in the professional industry and work on their personal brand. Thank you once again, dear Irina, for the amazing work and great results! 

Anna, Amsterdam

Working with Irina was certainly a positive experience. I am now more confident than ever in where I am headed in my career and what I want to become. Irina helped me clarify my goals, and the results of our collaboration gave me that boost I needed to proceed. She is very knowledgeable about all the aspects of employment, especially for the expats in the Netherlands, and shared lots of good tips I am going to use for the rest of my life. Overall, it was a huge pleasure to work with Irina, and I would recommend anyone – whether you are struggling with job search or not – to work with her

Valeria, Amsterdam

I know Irina as an effective coach. Irina is empathic, caring and compassionate, but doesn’t let the client slide back into his/her own story. Irina helps clients to stay focused on the bigger picture, while guiding them to their goal through making practical everyday steps. Irina is open-minded, result oriented, ambitious, driven by achievement and adopts can-do approach. I fully recommend Irina as a dedicated professional coach.

Maria, Zwolle, Netherlands

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Irina as a wonderful career coach. I attended two of her master classes: the specifics of finding job in the Netherlands, and working with Linkedin. I want to note a manner of Irina’s work: she is not only an expert in her field, but also very open and easy person. It’s a pleasure to work with her: she delivers information clearly, accurately and concisely. Thanks to working with her, the number of my weekly interviews has increased several times. Thank you so much, Irina! I was extremely pleased to work with you!

Kateryna, Amsterdam

I participated in Irina’s workshop “LinkedIn for proactive career” . I’m very grateful to Irina for sharing her knowledge and wisdom. Not only did I get to know how to make my LinkedIn profile complete and more attractive for the recruiters, but I also gained very helpful tips about job-hunting in general. Irina is a very professional coach and a very charismatic woman, I’m very happy I’ve met Irina on Facebook a few months ago! Looking forward to new workshops with her.

Daria, Hedel, Netherlands

I would like to thank Irina for her help with CV and cover letters. Her feedback was useful and valuable. She helped me to identify and highlight my skills and my strengths in the CV. I’ve also tried life coaching sessions. I was amazed by how deep Irina understood me in very limited time. Irina’s comments and analyses helped me to move on. I’m glad that I had worked with Irina and I definitely recommend her! She’s a good professional.

Tatiana, Amsterdam

Irina, I must begin by telling that after your LinkedIn workshop I’ve realized that I have missed lots of opportunities to successfully land a job as a language tutor within a Language School. And that was due to the fact that there were lots of tip and tricks about having a great LinkedIn profile I did not know about. Therefore, thanks to your insightful and professional approach to this topic, I understood what I have to do to make the most out of my profile. Thank you for your patience, for your time, and for your undeniable people skills you showed throughout the workshop. I hope that your advice and your tips and tricks would help me not only to pursue, but also to actually find a job as a Language Tutor at a Language School. Thank you again for the amazing opportunities you opened up for me and for everybody who attended the workshop.

Alina, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For almost a year I was looking for job in the Netherlands. Then I met Irina and decided to work with her as a career coach. For me, the most valuable result of the sessions with Irina was the decision to narrow down the job search corridor, focusing on areas where my level of expertise was high enough and where I had a competitive advantage, compared to other candidates. To be honest, this was a difficult decision. It seemed that by reducing the range of vacancies, I risk running into a complete lack of results. However, having worked out the search strategy together with Irina, guided by her valuable advice on improving the cover letter, and assisted to prepare for the job interview, I received an offer from the employer in an area that is both interesting and promising for me. Irina is not only able to help the client discover her strengths, but also to inspire and unlock her inner potential. I recommend Irina as an effective career coach who can assist the client reaching her goal in a pleasant and friendly manner.

Katerina, Utrecht, Netherlands

Thanks to Irina, I finally got a job! It’s a pity that I did not meet her before! Irina is a true professional. And besides that, she is a very nice person. Thanks to her help, I realized what mistakes I made during the job interviews. Finally the doors opened and I was able to see my strengths and opportunities on the Dutch labor market. Irina helped me prepare for the job interview and I finally heard the long-awaited words: “We would like to offer you this job!” I will definitely use Irina’s help again whenever I feel stuck in my career!

Victoria, The Hague, Netherlands

I highly recommend Irina’s services to everyone who is currently looking for a job. She won’t be “sweet and cute”, if you do something wrong- she will point it out right away without wasting your time. But isn’t it a coach we are all actually looking for? Strict, straight in a Dutch way, but always professionally polite coach whose experience and knowledge can help you to achieve your goals. Thanks to Irina’s help I managed to find a work comparably fast and easy. She emphasized for me all my strong points and tuned in the right way for an interview. This is the best investment I ever made.

Elina, Rotterdam, Netherlands