Are your employees happy to work in your company?

Do they see themselves as the ambassadors of your vision and active agents of change? Is your team united and driven by the same mission?

Is there a space where their concerns can be articulated, their ideas can be heard and their personality can shine?

Do you want your stuff to wake up in the morning with a smile, knowing that they go to work in order to fulfil their potential, to contribute to an important mission and to quench their desire to be of service?

If these are amongst you concerns, you may take a moment to reflect on how it can be achieved with the help of an external coach!

As an external coach, I can help your employees:

  • align their own priorities and values with the mission of the company
  • find the inner drive and purpose
  • look at their job from the perspective of their own mission in life
  • make their impact more powerful and their presence more meaningful-
  • take their role in the team to a new level
  • be more proactive and come up with creative insights
  • treat their work as service to the society
  • become active agents of change in their own company

Why invite an external coach.

  • external coach is independent and can better assure confidentiality
  • external coach is not biased against either the employee or the company
  • employees are more likely to be open with information and details that could be critical to improving their performance
  • external coaching is time bound and more dynamic
  • it can bring significant change over a relatively short period
  • it shows company‚Äôs willingness to provide their staff with safe environment for growth

How I can enable your emplyees:

By using an extensive toolbox of various coaching techniques and by creating a safe space (both physical and emotional), where they can:

  • connect to their true selves
  • experience breakthrough moments
  • overcome obstacles and blind spots
  • experience new insights
  • find creative solutions

In this space the employees can talk about their development, their challenges, things which they want to change, their further growth and career.

It generates new energy to create tools that help them get the best out of themselves in corporate and private life.

In what manner it can be done:

  • First, we will discuss the coaching goals and desirable results with the management of the company
  • Based on the goals and desirable results, I will suggest a coaching plan
  • I can offer one on one sessions or team coaching.
  • One on one sessions are meant for personal life/work related issues.
  • Group sessions can be used to improve and take to a new level the work of a team/working group/department.
  • Team coaching can be done in the form of a training, intervision, business constellation (depending on the goals, needs and expected results)

Sounds relevant?

Please, contact me to discuss the details of our future collaboration!