I’m helping expats in the process of self-realization and job search by boosting their worth & self-esteem, by enabling them to see their true value and how to translate it into professional sphere. Working with me you will: – set clear goals and make a step by step plan to achieve them – rediscover your power, your potential and true value – learn how to translate it to others – overcome fears and blocks, which sabotage your progress – boost your self-esteem and self-confidence – shape a mindset, which will lead you to finding your dream job, change your career or become an entrepreneur. I help clients acquire practical skills, which will ensure you will get the job you always wanted to have: – how to create a professional network – how to write a successful resume, which will reflect your unique achievements, professional worth and expertise – how to write cover letter, translating your professional ambition, personal values and mission into the language appealing to the employer – how to effectively prepare for the first interview in order to stand out and land the job offer.

I offer a minimal package of 4 sessions.