Hello. My name is Irina Musuc. I’m a life/career coach with a background in management, public relations, communication and public speaking. I am originally from Moldova and now reside in the land of windmills and tulips with my Italian husband, 3 children and a grumpy cat. After I moved to the Netherlands, I started a process of rediscovering myself both personally and professionally. While evaluating 15 years of my working experience I have realised that what has driven me most was facilitating change, improving myself and accompanying others in their growth. That is why I decided to pursue a career in coaching/training, where I could put all my knowledge, skills and abilities into practice. In 2018 I’ve graduated the Amsterdam Academy of Counselling and Coaching and started a new stage on the path of inner growth, awakening the coach within me. As someone who has gone through all the stages of adaptation and integration I’m helping expats in the process of self-realization and job search by boosting their worth & self esteem, by enabling them to see their true value and how to translate it into professional sphere. And to those of you who are still struggling, I have a message:
  • Your success and your value doesn’t depend on the country You reside, but on your inner state and your mindset
  • Staying in comfort zone will never lead to change and to growth
  • Crisis is fundamentally good. As, according to universal law, every crisis is followed by a victory